Sales Policy

       By purchasing a rabbit from our Rabbitry you agree to the following:

  • We reserve the right to retain any rabbit and we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.

  • Under NO circumstances will we sell a rabbit that appears to be sick or have any health issues. All rabbits are healthy to the best of our knowledge when they leave our Rabbitry. We will not be held responsible if any rabbit becomes sick or dies while in your care as we are not able to control what the rabbit is exposed to after it leaves our care.

  • Rabbits will be able to go home as soon as they are 8 weeks of age. This is FL Law. However, we reserve the right to hold the rabbit for additional weeks to ensure the health of the rabbit. (This is not a common occurrence but is sometimes necessary.) 

  • Pick-up arrangements will be made directly with the purchaser. Any animals not picked up by that date will be placed back up for sale and funds will not be returned. ​*We do NOT ship rabbits. 

  • No refunds (unless a death or another aliment occurs while in our care) and no exchanges.

  • Pedigrees are issued printed, emailed, and sent via the Hutch App. 

  • We cannot guarantee show success of our rabbit kits as they are too young to determine quality when they leave our care. There is a grow-out period. However, we can prove the show success of our Mama and Papa Buns so please ask! We have proven lines and continue to only breed quality. 

  • Payments are sent in full at the time of reserving your rabbit. Keep in mind there are no refunds nor exchanges. Payments are sent to us using Paypal (paid via "Friends and Family" only) and/or Zelle. We do not accept cash nor checks. 

  • Purchase price includes continued mentoring from Promised Land Lops as desired by the buyer. 

  • Keep in mind, we will not be the cheapest or the most expensive. We won't haggle with purchase prices. If someone sees our animals and feels that they are worth the investment, then we know it's a home we want our animals going to.

Let's Work Together

​Thank you for considering a rabbit from Promised Land Lops. We strive to provide quality rabbits with a strong constitution and stellar health. We work hard to ensure that these rabbits are given the best quality of life while they are with us, and work with our customers to ensure that they provide the same after they leave our care. Any concerns OR questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

(updated 9/30/2021)